Benefits for CEOs

Driving digital transformation through CEO's leadership and strategy

  • Grow your digital leadership skills

  • Develop and accelerate your digital strategy

  • Leverage digital transformation through
    insights and exchanges

  • Build lasting relations

Digital Transformation is becoming a bigger imperative for organisations as data-driven service sprogress into ever more aspects of our life and businesses.

To get digital transformation right, it has to be driven top down. In fact, every transformation is foremost a matter of leadership. In the context of digital transformation, sustainable change can only be achieved by growing leaders in that vein. Becoming more high-tech is not just hiring smart data scientists or buying state of the art technology. To truly transform, businesses have to implement a data-driven culture, where data is understood as a key strategic advantage and as valuable asset to which company breathes and acts to. That culture is above all cultivated nurtured and harnessed by digital leadership.

Just as leadership, strategy is equally important to the overall success of the transformation process. When talking about digital transformation businesses often have a specific technology in mind. However, digital transformation cannot not be driven by a single technology but rather by an overall digital strategy. In essence, businesses need to drive technology, not the other way round.

Our Summits are designed to address both digital leadership and digital strategy challenges. By networking with renowned C-Suite members, CEOs are able to grow and refine digital leadership skills. The exchange of valuable insights and experiences will further accelerate and leverage your digital strategy.