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We put CFOs in the driver seat of digital transformation.

  • Engage with renowned CFOs across industries

  • Create synergies by networking with leading C Suite members

  • Exchange ideas experiences and best practices

  • Build lasting relations

Digital advances are transforming the role of the CFO within the C-Suite. More and more, CFOs are involved in making strategic decisions guided by data and technology. The CFO with his strong accounting and controlling skills is the ideal supplement to tech savvy CIOs CTOs and CDOs to drive digital transformation and crating true business value by streamlining and improving processes across the entire enterprise.

Opportunities of the digital transformation for CFOs are not limited to the automation of rote tasks in the financial department or applying an enterprise performance management.

With the right digital toolset, the CFO is able to anticipate problems across the entire enterprise rather than react to it. To achieve that the CFO needs to layer skills of a data scientist.

Putting the CFO in the driver’s seat of digital transformation will ultimately lead to better decision making for the benefit of the whole company. By engaging with our strong community of leading C-Level business executives, we encourage and support the advance of CFOs into the digital era. A new kind of CFO for a new kind of enterprise.

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