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Cinia provides secure high-availability data network and software solutions. Our operations are based on our solid expertise in modern software development, data network technologies and critical operating environments.

Our fibre optic network of roughly 15,000 kilometres, including the C-Lion1 submarine cable, enables the fastest data communications solutions to Central Europe and to markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. By combining our services with services of our partners, we can provide reliable and comprehensive solutions that help our customers write their own digital success stories.

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DNA is a pioneer in new ways of working. DNA wants to implement the many possibilities of digitalisation together with its customers. Competent service is constructed from genuine interest towards the customer's business, good service attitude and uncompromising expertise.

For companies, we provide easily deployable and secure high-quality communications and customer network products and services. We aim to help our corporate customers succeed by providing them with productivity-enhancing ICT services.

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Fiber Highway

Fiber Highway Finland Oy is a data communication company that provides services for the design, project management and construction of data networks. We provide installation and project management services as well as software solutions for ICT businesses. Our work covers all stages of data network construction, from design to testing and commissioning. We are building high-quality and sustainable solutions specifically for your business that are guaranteed to be future-proof.

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Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute is an unbiased global advisory focused on improving the performance, efficiency, resiliency and reliability of business-critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. Uptime Institute serves all stakeholders responsible for IT service availability through industry leading Tier standards, education, peer-to-peer networking, consulting, and certification award programs delivered to enterprise organizations and third-party operators, manufacturers, and providers.

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