How To Get Cybersecurity To The Top of The Boardroom Agenda

By Jing Ertl-Yang

Cybersecurity currently is one, if not the hottest topics to be discussed among CISOs throughout the digital industry. Our last Ertl-Yang Frankfurt Summit has certainly seen some lively and very forward-thinking cybersecurity discussions. Interestingly, most C-Levels dealing with cybersecurity concluded, that with an ever-growing amount of cyber-attacks and with increasing sophistication of these attacks, consideration about cybersecurity must be increased throughout the digital-industry. This conclusion was surprisingly shared by most of the CISOs regardless of the branch or industry they represent and what stakes they were holding in the discussion.

However, it seems like Cyber-Security is not the sexiest topic of the current digital discussion; especially compared to the promises being made by AI or automation. To tackle this gap and to promote the awareness about cybersecurity among all kinds of C-Level stakeholders, we must understand cybersecurity as an essential cornerstone of any digital project. To achieve this Ertl-Yang will launch the “Getting Cybersecurity to the top of the boardroom agenda” discussion at our next Summit in Amsterdam which takes place on the 19th of November 2019 at Hotel De L`Europe.

It is safe to say that cybersecurity threats will become more complex, forceful and refined in the near future. As these threats are no longer homogenous, enterprises require individual cybersecurity solutions delivering peak performance to constantly stay ahead of the bad guys. Cybersecurity however is not only “the hacker in the dark” targeting a specific enterprise or launching broad-scale attacks with ransomware. Especially in large scale enterprises human behavior can present huge cyber-risks from within. Sometimes it only seems to be a question of time until an employee jeopardizes the security by opening infected attachments or visiting compromised websites.

Recent studies estimated that the total damages occurred by cyber theft, fraud and exploration were around 2.7 billion US-Dollar 2018. Taking these number into account and considering the fast development of cyber risks, no business can afford to underestimate the importance of cybersecurity. Nowadays, even the slightest slip-up can have fatal consequences for your business.  This is why at our Amsterdam Summit we have gathered some of the most forward thinking industry leaders of cybersecurity to find solutions on how current and future cybersecurity threats can be tackled in every environment. Are you eager to find the right cyber security solution for your business or are you looking for the last refinement in your advice as a C-Level cybersecurity stakeholder?

Join the Ertl-Yang Amsterdam Summit 2019 this year. Exchange first-hand experience with top level decision makers of the digital industry. Learn from the expertise of these leaders and get to know cutting-edge IT security solutions suitable for every business. Hesitation can be fatal. Contact any Ertl-Yang representatives today and be a part of one of the leading platforms for the digital industry to network, pitch and share.