ERTL-YANG is ready to connect your business with the right partner.

By Jing Ertl-Yang

Software defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) have been discussed at my previous events by CIOs and CISOs already back in 2016 and 2017. Back then, SD-WAN discussion between CIOs and CISOs was very interesting to follow from a technological and business perspective, however large enterprises seemed to be sceptical about this technology. Well, they had a good reason to be sceptical back then. There simply was too much uncertainty on what SD-WAN is capable of and especially what bandwidth will be required in the future, especially after Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) is being implemented in your daily business operation.

Recently however SD-WAN has changed considerably and so has the discussion about this technology. Now SD-WAN truly is ready for business and in particular will be necessary if your business really wants to make use of AI and IoT in its daily operation. In a nutshell, SD-WAN is a cornerstone of the future truly digital global enterprise.

It is not just that human interaction trough your WAN is going to emit more and more data and thus requires an ever-growing bandwidth of your WAN. As a matter of fact, the bandwidth requirements of the work-sharing of your global enterprises or your weekly global video conferences are nothing compared to future bandwidth requirements that AI or IoT will demand from your very soon. If your business wants to get ready for the future, you have to provide your business with the most powerful and effective network infrastructure currently on the market today. Especially as the implementation of AI and IoT technology your business is still at an early stage. If you are searching for, or currently developing a truly unique AI or IoT technology to bring your business into the digital future and secure its position as a market leader you simply cannot rely on outdated and ineffective network technology wasting money as well as human resources. If you are getting ready for the future your WAN has to be ready too. SD-WAN will provide you with an essential cornerstone for the future digitalisation of your business and lays solid foundation for the implementation of AI and IoT in your daily business operation.

Finding the right SD-WAN business partner can be very challenging, after all SD-WAN has to deliver peak performance at maximum flexibility while minimizing errors in an ever-growing WAN. Additionally, it has to provide state of the art security at a much lower price than an MPLS network. Finding the right SD-WAN business partner for you can be a true challenge. ERTL-YANG is here to help you with this challenge with 5 simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with network technology providers as well as enterprises already using SD-WAN at our events.
  2. Share and get to know first-hand SD-WAN experience from true leaders of the digital business.
  3. Evaluate the potential of SD-WAN for your business and lay down criteria for your tailor made SD-WAN project.
  4. Start, build, develop and deepen your business relationships.
  5. Expand your business with SD-WAN and provide your business with the best infrastructure for the future.

SD-WAN is ready for you! ERTL -YANG is ready to connect you with SD-WAN! Are you ready, too?