Frankfurt Summit 2019: At a glance

By Jing Ertl-Yang

What a week it has been! This Tuesday(24th September), ERTL-YANG hosted their Frankfurt Summit 2019 at the Villa Kennedy. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our supporting sponsors, amazing speakers and valued attendees for helping to make this one of our best events to date!

Our one-day summit aimed at C-level executives and leaders in the tech sector featured a wonderfully dynamic line up of panels and panelists from an exciting cross section of industries including communications, banking & financial services, healthcare, public sectors and infrastructure, retail and e-commerce. The passion and knowledge of those in attendance were palpable.

While our seven panels covered a variety of topics and issues, there was a commonality among the suggested best practices from our panellists.  Time and time again, the importance of dealing with legacy IT systems while simultaneously leveraging innovative technology was repeated by our experts. The importance of becoming more agile in order to transform the workplace was also repeated throughout the day.

Panellists agreed that taking down silos, working together, including the customer in the build process and having a UX specialist in every project were the main ingredients for successful business transformation. Many panelists stressed the importance of addressing corporate culture and attitudes towards technology change as the key for business growth and adaptability.

Many of the myths and misconceptions around data security were dispelled and the reality of handling responsibly was explored/examined and the importance of further integration and cooperation between public and private players is fundamental.

Each ERTL-YANG Summit offers members an exclusive networking platform in both a formal and informal setting. The summit was punctuated by pre and post evening networking receptions and dinner, in addition to the welcome breakfast, networking lunch and coffee breaks. If our panel discussions offered insight, shared visions  and solutions  for the future, it was in our less formal environments that partnerships were formed, friends were made and fun was had. Our invite-only fireside chat covering SD-WAN also gave attendees the opportunity to breakdown, examine and explore the potential of SD-WAN over lunch. The participants of this lunch praised the session as an opportunity to discuss one of the most exciting emerging trends in tech in a cosy, yet focused environment.

The team at ERTL-YANG are dedicated to constantly expanding our community of passionate technology experts, disruptors and innovators and providing them with an exclusive platform to learn, share and network. We had a blast in Frankfurt but now we look to our next tech C-suite Summit on November 19th at De L’Europe, Amsterdam. Places are filling up fast, so be sure to book yours now. We can’t wait to see you there!