How ERTL-YANG connects your business with AI

By Jing Ertl-Yang

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to huge advancements in almost every industry from healthcare to infrastructure to financial services. In fact, AI and its business implications grow stronger by the minute. At the same time and with a similar pace, AI solutions for business become better, faster and more reliable. At ERTL-YANG we are convinced that the business usage of AI will rapidly expand very soon. All AI needs is the right platform and the right connections.

As our clients are spearheading the development of AI, we are eager to shape the future of this technology by providing our customers with a high-class platform to connect, share and grow their knowledge, exchange experiences and ideas and ultimately to conduct business. Just like our clients, we are working on the fundamental disruption of our business as well as private lives by AI and the huge technological leap lead by AI which will inevitably come.

Our summits aim to boost the distribution of AI solutions for businesses while promoting the technology at the same time. By connecting technology providers with business leaders looking for AI solutions we are providing an open platform where business leaders, entrepreneurs and data-scientists can engage in an open discussion which leads to advances in both business and AI in general. At our exclusive summits, high-profile leaders of the digital world share first-hand experience on AI, get new ideas from innovative individuals and companies as well as renowned industry leaders.

Besides our aim to boost the distribution of AI products, we understand that the current regulatory framework is not ready for a broad implementation of AI into business and our daily lives yet. Thus, we are eager to shape the future regulatory framework of AI together with the technology. We therefore need to develop a regulatory framework for AI which provides necessary legal security at maximum flexibility. At ERTL-YANG we believe that self-regulation through best practices, codes of conducts and certifications is the way forward. Although current data legislation did not have AI in mind self-regulation of data processing by industries is a well-established mechanism in Europe, which was further strengthened by the General Data Protection Regulation. In fact, self-regulation of AI seems to be the only way forward to avoid the law being overtaken by technology. To achieve an industry regulated AI that follows suit with the rapid technological development, it is essential that business leaders, engineers, scientists, lawyers, lawmakers and regulators engage in discussion, network and lay down a roadmap how businesses and mankind should and can make best use of AI.

We are here to serve our clients and AI with our expertise, our network and our outstanding services. Our summits will provide you with the best possible environment to take on AI’s biggest challenges. Are you ready to shape the future of AI? Join our executive member gatherings and c-suite summits, make an impact and grow your business. All you have to do is join us!