Look back at Amsterdam Summit 2019

By Jing Ertl-Yang

Amsterdam is very special to the ERTL-YANG team, we hosted our very first event there in 2016 and we returned this week for an energising and inspiring summit. Special thanks to our wonderful community of sponsors and delegates for their continued trust and support.

Over 135 delegates, 30 speakers and 12 exhibitors from industries as diverse as: healthcare, public sector & education, financial services, logistics, transport, retail and communications were represented - with topics such as digital transformation and the future of work all up for discussion.

One of the biggest take-home messages from the summit was that despite an-ever changing and fast-moving tech industry people are central to future innovation and growth. Knowing, listening and understanding your customer and aligning your business to their needs has to be at the heart of every dynamic organization. In order to be truly customer-centric, businesses must walk a fine line between futuristic vision and traditional risk management. Secondly, hiring top talent is crucial. The most agile and forward-thinking companies are successful at hiring a combination of young, dynamic graduates and experienced senior executives.

Echoing the message from our Frankfurt Summit, our experts agreed that keeping on top of legacy IT systems and data governance is tedious, but its importance can’t be underestimated. In order to keep pace with change, senior management must adapt the right mindset towards it, leaders must encourage change and champion it. The good news is, management across the board increasingly realize the importance of both cyber security and data. In order to unlock the true potential of data and leverage its power, organizations need to speed up the democratization of data across the company. Everyone needs to understand data. In tandem with creating a data strategy, having an AI strategy is increasingly important not only for organizations but nations too, with countries such as Canada providing the best example of a country taking a proactive approach to AI strategy.

The importance of people was not only at the forefront of our panel discussions but also debated throughout our networking breaks. At ERTL-YANG, we also believe that people drive success and we work hard to create a community of prestigious C-suite leaders who can knowledge share, create new business partnerships and grow their peer network.

The Amsterdam Summit wraps up a successful year for the ERTL-YANG team and we are looking forward to an exciting schedule for 2020. Our community is growing and we hope you can join us next year.